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11/09/2016 I ordered a moving company called Public Moving and Storage. I went through all the reviews on their webpage most of them were pretty good reviews.

I spoke with Andrew. Very nice guy, very pleasant to speak with. Andrew said he'd be with me every step of the way and that was the first of many, many lies that would come to follow. Andrew told me they were with the BBB which I now find out they are not.

All of my questions were answered. One question I definitely asked was I don't have a delivery address, how I will I get my items delivered? Andrew told me to call when I have an address to be delivered to. On the contract, they had to have a city to deliver to so I only put Olympia Washington.

We set it up so that I would call on December 28th. The pickup from the original destination (Brattleboro, Vt.) was on November 28th that would have given me 30 days storage. It would also give me 10 to 12 days for the delivery from Vermont to Washington that way no storage was needed. This was going to work out perfect; or so I thought.

I was tight on money and I knew that I would be getting money after the 1st of January; so the 10 to 12 days for shipment across country it would put it into the second week of January this would be ideal. 12/20/2016 I received a call from Emma Ritchie from Public Moving & Storage dispatch Center, she told me the truck was on its way. It was in California and would be in Washington on the 28th. I let her know that this was not acceptable.

I was supposed to call and set up a date for delivery. She said “yeah I’ll try to stop the truck and I’ll call you back” I received no call back… 12/28/2016 The truck driver called said he is in Olympia. He needed a delivery address and make sure I had cash or money order. I said no, I can’t take delivery until after the 1st of Jan.

I have no money, you were not supposed to deliver until I called to set up delivery date. I got on the phone with Emma Ritchie, she told me it's on the way you'll have to put it in storage. After much discussion about how much more was intended to be charged. I finally agreed to have it put into storage.

After wiring the money to the bank and paying wiring fees and having to wait another 4 days for clearance. I find out my property is in the Olympia airport storage unit. I drive 25 miles one way only to find out that the stuff that was delivered was not mine. I called Emma back.

I explained that the property was not mine, she explained she would located my property and have it sent out in a couple days. 1/11/2017 I had to give the key back to the storage unit while I was there I looked into the unit and got a number off of one of the boxes that was in there, (AB2680) I then called Emma back and give her that number. She said that was able to help her track down whose property was in the storage unit. Emma said I'll get back to you as soon as I find out where your property is.

I never heard back from her. 1/13/2017 They finally told me that my stuff was still in Connecticut. I was to give them 3 days and then she would shoot my stuff out on the 16th or 17th of January. I called every day find out if my stuff has been shipped.

1/18/2017 I called Jeff Rios talked to dispatch, no news, trying to get a truck ready. I also called customer service asked about the money return for storage unit. Waiting on accounting, they said. I tried getting ahold of general manager.

Faith Ashford, basically begging for her to help me. I left a voice mail message, to no avail. I’ve tried getting ahold of the owner, to no avail. 1/23/2017 I called Emma left message; called Faith left message.

1/26/2017 I called again, no information available. 1/30/2017 I called again no information available. I called back PM&S and I talk to Ellie, Ellie says that they're not sure when they're going to send my stuff out. She told me she would send me a check for $662, $500 and that will be a discount for the delay and $162 will have to be a repayment at the delivery of my property.

I did get my $105 refund check for the storage unit. But again I had to call and ask for that twice. But not the wire fee or the mileage of 100 miles I had to put in to go to storage unit. I wouldn’t have had to travel had Public Moving & Storage followed the contract made in the beginning.

1/31/17 I am beyond frustrated at this point I am heartbroken I feel I have lost all of my property. My property is all personal items, no furniture. Pictures, adoption papers, biological mother’s letters and memorabilia, kids Knick knacks, nothing with monetary value but it’s all I have left. I called Jeff in claims told him I wanted to put in a claim on my missing property.

He wouldn’t let me, because my property hadn’t been delivered yet; but I believed it was lost forever. 2/1/2017 I have tried to file police report with Olympia police told me to call DOT (already did). 2/7/2017 I thought about it and thought that maybe if I had them send my property to Hinsdale, New Hampshire to where my brother lives a whole 5 miles from the original pick up destination it will be a whole lot closer than going all the way across the country to Washington maybe they would be able to do it quicker. I called and asked Emma if I change the destination of delivery to Hinsdale, New Hampshire would that make anything quicker and she told me they could deliver my stuff.

2/10/2017 Called Emma just checking in …Was told I would get a call on Sunday the 12th of February and my property would be delivered on the 13th of February. Which in turn doesn't help me in Washington because I still don't have anything out here. The only bright side I can see on this is I have my property back if it gets delivered on Monday to my brother's house. No one called from Pm&S on Sunday and no one came to deliver on Monday.

Just received a call from Emma, the truck driver will arrive tomorrow 2/14/2017 between 12- 2. 2/13/2017 I called the airport storage just to see if possibly PM&S had picked up the unit full of other people’s property, they have not and won’t answer her phone calls. Donna is sending them a certified letter today. 2/14/2017 I received my delivery 2 pm.

all my property is there and it’s not smashed up thank god (although it smells like animal urine). I cried for an hour, what a relief. Not that there was a lot to be broken its mostly personal things in there. Everything I own right now is all personal that cannot be replaced.

2/15/2017 Donna from storage unit called today to tell me the public moving and storage had come and picked up the property that they had left. One day after they dropped my property off in Hinsdale NH. They pick up the stuff in Washington. So they could have given me a date, a week ago that they could have dropped off my property to me in Washington.

Now I have to hire another company to move my property to Washington, but I don’t trust anyone. I have been living out of 1 suit case for me and 1 suitcase for a 12 year old since December. I expected 1 month not 2 ½ months till delivery and now till who knows when. I have to save up another $3000.00 dollars after losing $2710.00 including wiring fees to this company.

Your 100% satisfaction is our success - well that motto does not hold true in any sense. 2/22/2017 My brother sent me the bill of lading that he received with my property. It is Kay F. although none of her property was delivered to my brother’s house.

I also received a refund check that was sent to my Brothers house in Hinsdale from PM&S for $662.00 for delay in shipment. 2/28/2017 In conclusion of this, I would just like to forget this ever happened. This whole experience has caused extreme undue stress and hard ship. The endless days, sleepless nights, crying and worrying about whether I would get anything back is finally over.

Although now I have to go through my property to see what is ruined from animal urine. As to when I will be able to do this is unknown, as I have find a new moving company after I have saved up more money.

Review about: Public Moving And Storage Moving Service.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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